Jessie Whitfield graduated from ASU's Barrett Honors College with a degree in Psychology and after working in the nonprofit field for several years founded MISGIF in 2017. While assisting with nonprofit events Jessie was tasked with finding ways to recognize corporate sponsors and noticed there weren't many opportunities beyond signage, printed programs, and verbal acknowledgement. While including sponsor logos on photo booth prints was popular and a great way to recognize sponsors, Jessie knew if the prints were taken home they would most likely end up stuck to a fridge or boxed away with other memories. Wanting to find a more effective way to increase brand awareness and ROI for corporate sponsors, Jessie knew she needed to get brands in front of more eyes in a way that had impact beyond the booth, which meant pushing engaging, branded content to social media. What sponsor wouldn’t want to get their brand in front of hundreds, if not thousands, of followers and friends? And so MISGIF came to be and overtime has evolved into much more than your average photo booth company, but instead an experiential photo marketing agency. Jessie’s passion to help companies and nonprofits amplify their brands online is what drives her business. Recognizing every client’s needs are different, MISGIF is all about customization and its services are tailored to fit each individual clients needs so that their unique goals are met whether that be developing creative content, increasing social media marketing reach and online engagement, executing viral hashtag campaigns, generating leads, and/or collecting data from consumers and/or supporters that can be used to strengthen brand loyalty.