Social media algorithms changing constantly and rapidly growing technology lead to updated trends, especially when marketing to millennials! This is why it is important that small business owners stay on top of their social media game by testing out new strategies that evolve consumer behavior.

There are a few key factors when trying to market to millennials and the first one is that millennials like to express themselves through brands. Millennials use brands to portray who they are through their own social media. “Half of millennials aged 18-24 years feel that brands say something about who they are, their values and where they fit in. Forty percent are even willing to pay extra for a brand or product that reflects the image they wish to convey about themselves” (Social Media Week 2015). Your brand should look at your millennial audience and create a brand personality that mirrors the millennials themselves to reach a higher engagement.

Next, millennials want to take away an experience from your brand! Having an experience with friends allows them to capture photos that they will want to share to their social media for others to view and see what a fun time they are having. According to studies, 78% of Millennials are more inclined to become part of a brand if they have face-to-face interaction with it. That is why experiential marketing is doing so well these days because millenials love to spend their money on experiences rather than things.

Lastly, millennials want you to care about them and be their friend! Millennials stay loyal to brands that listen to their input and engage with them. Millennials also consider friends to be a huge importance in their life whether that be online or offline. They seek their friends for inspiration so marketers should develop their brand in the same way in which millennials would want to befriend them.

Coca-Cola attempted to make friends with Millennials by developing the hugely popular ‘Share a Coke’, campaign. It was probably the first time the company made major changes to their packaging. They probably realised the need to connect with Millennials.

The campaign had a lot to do with brand attributes and the personality traits of Coca-Cola. Aoife Nagle from Coca-Cola Ireland explains that Coca-Cola was losing share and brand relevance. The ‘Share a Coke’, campaign was aimed engaging consumers in a way that reinforced core brand attributes.