If you are looking for a great way to promote your event, hashtags are essential! Hashtags are a trendy culture and help people find the content they’re looking for faster while also helping your event gain publicity. With a simple click of a hashtag, social media users are able to view millions of posts related to that specific tag which could even be yours! According to statistics, posts with hashtags receive far more attention than hashtag-free content.

When is the best time to utilize hashtags? The answer should be always. Coming up with a catchy phrase is the first important step so that it can be integrated into anything the company would like to promote. MISGIF helps clients brainstorm event hashtag ideas as well!  If your event’s hashtag is labeled on everything you print such as tickets, folders, and web content, people are more likely to post about your event. According to Whova, “Adobe’s annual global summit uses #AdobeSummit, which is prominently displayed on anything and everything. Because of its visibility, the hashtag racks up tens of thousands of posts each year, exposing countless prospective attendees and clients to both the event and the content that emerges — all without cost to Adobe”.

Once a unique hashtag is constructed, make sure attendees and staff promote it before, during, and post-event. Our company, MISGIF, includes the event hashtag on our digital frame, microsite, email/text, and online gallery to increase awareness to ensure the event hashtag populates when guests post to social media! After the event, check up on the hashtag’s engagement levels and see what improvements can be made!