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Social media marketing is a staple when it comes to increasing online engagement and donor support, yet coming up with new and creative strategies can be difficult at times.  That's why we create engaging, visual offline experiences that can be instantly converted to online ones in order to strengthen cause awareness and organization loyalty.  Not only can donors/guests instantly share their branded GIFs and photos via text, email and social media, clients can tailor their GIF activation to meet their fundraising event and marketing needs.  That's because we work with our clients to strategically create custom packages that focus on fundraising and marketing goals vs. simply provide a fun photo booth experience.  Our cutting edge software allows clients to engage donors/guests in a variety of interactive ways that go beyond the booth, tap into donor/guest demographics, understand donor/guest needs and behavior, dive deeper into social media event analytics, as well as increase engagement online and offline.

Fundraising and community engagement is something we not only have experience with, but understand the importance of, which is exactly why it's built into our mission.  We not only provide nonprofits and community organizations with special pricing, we build fundraising into their GIF activations and we donate to local and international nonprofits.

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