2018 Photo Booth Trends

This is the year of the branded GIF booth.  It's taking the social scene by storm and popping up more and more at high-profile events.  Unlike the traditional, enclosed photo booth, open-air GIF booths are all-digital and offer tons of unique features that promise an interactive experience for event guests.  Not only do they keep event guests engaged on and offline, they are the perfect tool for branding and social media marketing.  

  • GIF Booths:  Traditional photo booths (think big, clunky boxes) are becoming a thing of the past.  GIF booths are becoming increasingly popular and that's simply because they offer a more interactive, branded experience that can instantly be shared to social media.  GIFs aren't just fun for parties, they're easy to consume online content for business looking to increase their social media marketing reach.
  • Unique Filters:  They're a reason they're so widely used on Instagram and Snapchat.  Unique filters are just another way to offer a customized and creative experience to your guests.  Whether it's colors, designs, words or animations, custom filter opportunities are endless.
  • Themed Set Designs:  Long gone are the days when solid color backdrops dominated the photo booth industry.  Set designs that fit the theme of an event are becoming increasingly popular.  Not only are they a creative, they provide a unique and interactive experience for guests.
  • Live Slideshows:  Because watching GIFs on a big screen TV at a party is even better than watching them on your phone and online.
  • Animated Frames:  Super cool, super new, super different. Not only can digital frames be branded they can be animated.
  • Branded Experiences:  Building branding into a photo booth experience is an easy way for companies to create brand awareness.  From frames to props to backdrops, photo and GIF booths that focus on branding are going to kill it this year.
  • Digital Props:  Just like Snapchat, photo booths are now offering digital props that utilize facial recognition.  Guests can select custom props to "wear" such as sunglasses and hats that instantly appear in their photos and GIFs.  Be on the lookout for animated digital props too!