2018 GIF Booth Trends

This is the year of the branded GIF booth.  It's taking the corporate event scene by storm and becoming a staple when it comes to brand activations.  Unlike the traditional, enclosed photo booth that offer prints, open-air GIF booths are all-digital and can be a powerful and effective solution when it comes to stepping up your experiential photo marketing game at events.  Whether you've booked a GIF booth in the past or plan on doing so in the future, you'll definitely want to make the most of your experience by taking note of these 2018 GIF booth trends:

  • GIF Booths:  Traditional photo booths (think big, clunky boxes) are becoming a thing of the past.  Don't get us wrong, they're super cool and they'll never go out of style, but when it comes to making the most out of a photo booth experience at events GIF booths are the way to go.  That's because of their ROI when it comes to digital marketing.  They not only provide engaging, shareable content (videos receive more views that photos on social media) that increase your social media marketing reach (branded frames = more views of your brand,) they also allow you to capture leads (emails, names, numbers, etc.) and view event analytics (number of views, shares and to which social media platforms.)  
  • Unique Filters:  They're a reason they're so widely used on Instagram and Snapchat.  Unique filters are just another way to offer a customized and creative experience for your guests.  Whether it's colors, designs, or animations, custom filter opportunities are endless and excite event attendees.
  • Themed Set Designs:  Long gone are the days when solid color backdrops dominated the photo booth industry.  Set designs that fit the theme of an event are becoming increasingly popular.  Incorporating 3D branded backdrops, living room style sets, interactive sets, etc. provide your guests with a unique, memorable and interactive experience.
  • Live Slideshows:  Bigger is always better which is why we're seeing more GIFs being shared in real time on large screen TVs and walls at event.  Not only does it draw a crowd, but that crowd is able to see the branded GIF frames on a larger than life scale and from a distance. 
  • Animated Frames:  Super cool, super new, super different. Not only can digital frames be branded they can be animated which makes your brand standout and thus the content you share online.
  • Digital Props:  Just like Snapchat, photo booths are now offering digital props that utilize facial recognition.  Guests can select custom props to "wear" such as branded sunglasses and hats that instantly appear in GIFs.  Be on the lookout for animated digital props too!  
  • Branded Experiences:  Building branding into a photo booth experience is an easy way for companies to create brand awareness.  GIF booths allow you to brand not only the booth itself, but also the frames for the GIFs, themed set designs, backdrops, and props.