Selfie Tips For The Perfect GIF

Selfies are all the rage, but when it comes to creating the perfect selfies for a GIF it's important to take into consideration the following tips:

  1. Finding the right angle for your face when snapping selfies for a GIF is a must.  While all faces are different, let's be honest, everyone has angles that are more flattering than others, and most likely you know which angles those are.  Take advantage of those angles and highlight them when posing.  If you're not sure what those angles are, often times lowering your chin and tilting your head is a great good go-to pose.  When it comes to posing for selfies in GIFs it's important to have your poses ready in advance because usually you only have 5 or so seconds in between each pose.  Also, doing subtle movements like tilting your head or changing your facial expressions are highly recommended.
  2. Lighting is everything when it comes to selfies in general, but also selfies in GIFs.  Natural lighting is always best, but what's better are LED ring lights (which every awesome GIF booth has.)  Get up close and personal when snapping selfies for a GIF so you get a nice glow, but make sure you don't get too close or you'll be washed out.  Always, at all costs, avoid florescent lighting and stay away from shadows.  
  3. Pick a flattering or fitting-for-the-occasion filter when snapping selfies for a GIF.  Just like Instagram, GIF Booths come with a variety of filters that can add some warmth, color, shine, or character to your selfie.  Mix it up and channel your inner old Hollywood glam diva with a black and white filter or get that perfect hipster vibe going with a vintage filter.  Get creative and stick with what looks and feels best.

Check out some of our favorite selfies GIFs below!