Top 5 Tips for a Memorable Trade SHOW Booth Experience

Standing out at a trade show can be a difficult feat when your competing with hundreds of other exhibitors vying for the attention and contact information of attendees.  While having a branded table cloth and informational flyers is fine for communicating your services and products, it's simply not efficient when it comes to maximizing your booth space, marketing dollars, and time.  Below are some tips on how to elevate your trade show booth experience so that attendees won't forget you when they leave:

  • Standout with your setup.  First impressions are everything and we don't mean when attendees first interact with you.  Having a unique and memorable booth setup is key.  Sure, you may only have 10ft x 10ft to work with, but no matter what the size, make the most of it.  This is your chance to standout from the crowd and showcase your brand in a creative way.  Incorporating a clever theme in your booth design or a unique, interactive experience are two easy ways to make yourself memorable.  Maybe it's dressing up as your brand's mascot or providing a branded VR experience.  Whatever it is, think outside the box.
  • Maximize your brand awareness.  Creative branded giveaways, even better useful ones, is a great way to extend your brand's visibility beyond the booth.  Start by thinking what would you want to walk away with from a booth and what would you use often and in front of others who aren't attending the trade show.  Pens and notepads are always great but often they aren't showcased in front of others.  Here are some of our fav giveaways (be sure to brand them): Popsockets, smart wallets for phones, lip balm, socks, tote bags, water bottles, blue tooth speakers and headphones.  
  • Maximize your social media marketing reach.  GIF booths.  Not only is experiential photo marketing the best kind of marketing, you can you brand the digital frame, attendees can instantly share their branded GIFs to social media, which means they are getting your brand in front of thousand of followers and friends that you normally wouldn't be exposed to.  You can also incentivize attendees to share their branded GIFs, tag your company, and use your unique hashtag.  
  • Capture leads.  Forget collecting business cards and giving out your own.  Using a GIF booth allows you to grab attendees contact information without going through the motion of a sales pitch and making attendees feel like they're just a dollar sign.  Follow up after the event and send out individual emails and/or an e-blast with a link to the GIF booth gallery along with links to your website, social media pages, etc.
  • Create a memorable experience.  Get out from behind the table and interact with attendees.  Don't just show them your product, let them experience it too.  Provide examples and find visual ways to communicate why you're the best at what you do.  A hands-on experience is far more effective than a verbal one so find a creative way to engage attendees.