office parties

Having a fun, engaging + healthy workplace culture where your employees feel appreciated is SO important, especially these days. In 2018, 79% of employees who left their jobs reported the reason being “lack of appreciation.” Workplace culture not only affects employee retention but also the overall success + growth of a company. Giving your employees a unique photo + GIF experience that allows them to let loose + have fun is one great way to reward them for their hard work PLUS it allows you the opportunity to convert your very own employees into micro-influencers that promote your brand organically on social media, which in turn allows their friends and followers to see the faces behind the brand. You’re not just a business selling a product or service — you’re people too, and fun people at that! So whether your’e planning your annual office holiday party, anniversary party, boring meeting of the masses, or heck, just thinking about ways to boost employee morale, this win-win experience might be the perfect fit for you. PS If your office party tends to get a little out of hand (no shame in that, some of the best ones do), we have a solution for that too. Simply request to turn off social media sharing and the online gallery to keep images private. We got you.